Peace, Love & Joy
with every package.

Life is full of choices! We are stoked to offer you the choice of hand picking your items as frequent as you like.

Take Root
Park it
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woodstock fleece blanket throw 3519FRONTSJ 1000x1500
Woodstock Fleece Throw Blanket Peace
Throw PinkFloyd TDSOM TEMP 1000x1500
Pink Floyd Blanket

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Spreading Peace, Love & Joy

We have been business owners for 20+ years, but we have wanted to start a new adventure that would marry our love for the hippie lifestyle and our desire to spread peace, love, and joy across the Earth. My Hippie Box is designed to take you on a monthly ride as far-out as the passenger seat of our 1977 VW Westfalia. This vessel has brought so much joy and happiness to so many, caravaning us from photoshoots to festivals, where we have had opportunities to share love and friendship far and wide.

My Hippie Box delivers packages to your doorstep that fill you with positive energy and good vibes. Because this is a passion-driven business for us, we wanted to use this mission as an opportunity to do more than just offer a service. This is why each package comes with a hand crafted envelope containing a small, personally handcrafted gift of peace, intended for you to disperse amongst friends, family, and strangers alike so you can continue to pass the peace, love, and joy you receive. 


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